The Camargue is the extensive delta of the Rhone river where it meets the Mediterranean. Internationally renowned for the birds that occur, and rightly so! It is probably best known for its Flamingo colony, the only regular nesting site in Western Europe and a species you are bound to see. Many, many other bird species breed here: Glossy Ibis, Kentish Plover, Collared pratincole, Bee-eater, Short-toed eagle, Slender-billed gull, Spectacled warbler… the list is enormous with interesting species in every habitat: lagoons, rice-paddies, salt pans, riverside woodland… And the rest of the year can also well be worth a visit. Many migrants occur with rarities to be found – for example, Broad-billed sandpiper is seen annually in the salt pans, White-winged tern over the marshes. Winter sees the arrival of many waterfowl, including thousands of Red-crested Pochard, with accompanying predators – Spotted Eagle occurs annually. And many species, from the Flamingo to Sardinian warbler are resident, and can be seen throughout the year.

When visiting the Camargue it is well worth combining a trip with the nearby Alpilles regional park to the north and with the dry, stone plain of the Crau, to the east, both within easy reach and with complementary sets of bird species.

What to see and where

Top birding sites

Domaine de la Palissade

Marais du Vigueirat

La Capelière

Camargue beaches

Top bird species


Glossy ibis

Kentish plover

Slender-billed gull

Spectacled warbler


Collared pratincole

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“Which birds when” list

Other wildlife

Camargue bulls (Raço di Biou) and horses 

European pond turtle

Southern festoon butterfly

European beaver

Wetland orchids

Mediterranean tree frog

Green lizard

Sea lavender, Common reed,
Marsh samphire…

Getting there

Travel by plane




Travel by train

London – Lille Europe – Avignon TGV

London – Paris – Avignon TGV

London – Paris – Nîmes TGV

Other train stations nearby:


Local transport

Car rental from:

Avignon TGV train station

Avignon centre train station

Marseille-Provence airport

Local bus network

Bicyles for rent

Useful tips

Plan to stay 3 - 5 days

London – Avignon direct

Allow 50 - 60 km/day

Nearest airports:

Combine with the Alpilles for a 7 - 10 day stay

Car rental:

Local food

Camargue IGP rice, Camargue AOP
bull meat, salt, shellfish and fish.
Valeurs Parc labelled wines:
Beaujeu and Valériole

A short film about the Camargue regional park

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